Videos & Motion Graphics

Mother's Day

This video was designed for a Facebook post for mother's day introducing the Ferrero Rocher "Collection" range

How it works

This video shows all Profiles new options like digital books organized by the personality of the heroes, his/ her environment or the reader's mood. You can also see tools that are available during the reading.


With the participation of  Marie Simao and Marine Ménétrier

Profiles, promotional

This video has the purpose of showing the application's values like immersion in the book environment and that you can embody any kind of hero.  A teenager is in his everyday life, he's bored but when he's logging on Profiles he's immersed in the hero's place.

Using Clip pictures of  Luv Delux, Cinnamon Chasers directed by Saman Keshavarz


The story is about the past of one of the Beetlejuice main character.

Project realised with Marine Ménétrier and Alexis Klein


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